“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

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The exponential growth of performing and non-performing loans transactions in the last two decades has generated significant benefits both for banks, as sellers, as well as for investors, as purchasers.

As a consequence of the financial crisis, the volume of non-performing loans increased so much that, at present, it is a common practice for banking institutions to improve the quality of the financial performance through a cleaning process that involves the sale of receivables to investors.

APS’s Financial Investment Division collaborates with various categories of clients, from local investors to world class financial institutions, in order to develop advanced management portfolio strategies that will help achieve the initially set performance thresholds.

APS is responsible for all activities related to the management of receivables portfolios: the evaluation and prior verification of the cases (due diligence), the tendering stage, also undertaking and the current activities of debt management and collection, monitoring and transfer of collections, performance measurement and reporting to client with a predetermined frequency.

Within the organizational structure of the Division of Financial Investments are found:

• The modelling and analysis team that can provide custom designs, starting from the recovery strategy based on a history of relevant data collected over 10 years of experience;

• The "underwriting" team (the transfer of portfolios), which brings together 10 members with predetermined roles in view of prior verification and execution;

• The evaluation team, responsible for evaluating the movable or immovable collaterals;

• Specialists in the field of finance and banking, with experience in financial investment activities, responsible for the entire flow, from the initiation until the completion of the transaction.


For additional details, please visit http://www.aps-holding.com/investment-management.html.





APS Holding SE achieved significant milestones in three key areas of its business in 2014.

APS successfully underwrote and invested in some 11 portfolios of Non-performing Loans (“NPLs”) in 2014, across 5 countries including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania.


IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, signed agreements with APS Holding, a distressed asset investment management and servicing company, to acquire non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios and restore access to finance for businesses and consumers.

VB Romania closed sale of half a billion Euros of NPL

A non-performing portfolio of secured loans with a volume of EUR 495 million has been sold to an international investors consortium. First transaction of its kind on the Romanian market will allow other banks to follow.

APS Holding Buys MKB's Debt Collection Company

MKB Bank, the Hungarian group that sold Nextebank to investment manager Axxess Capital this spring, has completely left Romania, following the sale of Corporate Recovery Management to APS Holding last month.